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EMMI Grading System For All Classes

  1. A+ = 96  to  100%   Honour
  2. A- =  81  to   95%    Excellent
  3. B  =  71  to    80%   Superior If you have this mark at 1st try B+  /  if it is your 2nd try you will get B-
  4. C  =  61  to   70%    Average  you will need to redo the exam to receive a B- if  your mark is 71+, if not redo the
  5. D  =  51  to   60%    Inferior you are require to redo the complete program
  6. E  =    0  to   50 %   Failure this is not your vocation
Master’s Degree in Prophetic Ministry
Students wanting to enter the 18-credit Master’s Degree in Prophetic Ministry program must have completed a Bachelor Degree in ministry.
The Master’s Degree in Prophetic Ministry prepares students for advanced professional competence in a Christian community.
Upon the successful completion of the Master’s Degree in Prophetic Ministry, the students should be able to:

  • demonstrate competence in communicating the Word effectively in a variety of settings
  • develop leadership skills that serve the ministry needs of the local church in the twenty-first century
  • communicate God’s truth clearly, accurately, and convincingly
  • develop advanced skills in Biblical Studies, Theology and Christian ministries in preparation for significant senior leadership in the ministry
  • identify best practices for individual and corporate spiritual growth and formation
  • understand, communicate and work with the prophetic foundations of the faith and to function effectively with other ministries in the area
    their gift and calling
  • train others in spiritual sensitivity, bringing them to maturity
  • formulate rules that judge prophecy, identify signs of error and know when God speaks
  • use spiritual keys to unlock the mysteries of Biblical prophecy
  • provide the key to interpreting Bible prophecy that can be successfully applied to the 21st century Church for it’s supernatural fulfilment of
  • properly interpret future events in accordance with Old Testament and New Testament prophecies
  • identify major themes within the prophetic books of the Bible
  • understand the diverse historical settings during which the prophetic books were written
  • understand the terms and phrases for the prophetic realm of Christian ministry
  • understand the significance and relevance of prophecy in the Church today.
  • use research methods and resources in the discipline
  • formulate appropriate research questions
Name of Course
Minimum 1 Thesis