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NEW: In April 2015 We became Unitarian Baptist
The chaplaincy at Eric Michel Ministries Int'l is a service for diverse faiths in the communities. As chaplain, we encourage individuals in their spiritual quests,
we respect the diversity of religious beliefs,we work cooperatively with people of all faiths, we work together to offer an open-door ministry of care and
counselling to all faiths and to non-believers as well.

L'aumônerie aux Ministères Eric Michel Int'l est un service pour les diverses religions dans les communautés. Comme aumônier, nous encourageons les
individus dans leurs quêtes spirituelles, nous respectons la diversité des croyances religieuses, nous travaillons en collaboration avec des gens de toutes les
confessions,  nous travaillons ensemble pour offrir un ministère porte ouverte de soins et de conseils à toutes les confessions et aussi bien aux non-croyants
in the world the work of Christ. We are an independent and
autonomous organization. Liberal christian belief. Our goal
is to combine the protestant form of worship, the majestic
rituals with the widest measure of intellectual freedom and
respect for individual conscience.
Eric Michel Ministries an Independent Christian  Corporation
who allows:
  • The use of local language for spirituals celebrations.
  • access to the priesthood of married priests and married
    priests     still celibates and access to priesthood without
    discrimination to women with the same powers and privileges
    as men.
  • dissolution of a religious marriage after a civil divorce and the
    possibility remarry religiously.
  • Encourages the use of condoms. It is no sin to protect and/or
    to protect his or her partner all possible S.T.D.
  • Abortion, we consider all situations with human compassion.

Our worship Service is base on Liberal Unitarian and Progressive
We are listening
Designed website knowing that you depend on us as one
of your spiritual resources. We remain committed to our
promise to provide you with the widest array of information
and services.

As always, we will include topics that are most important
to you such as encouragement in times of need, our
ministry’s outreach, current events, and more.

We hope you enjoy this site!

Rev. Eric Michel ThD DDiv.
If you're not currently a member of our chaplaincy - we'd like to
take this opportunity to invite you to become one. And of course,
feel free to reach out and call one of our Ministry Leaders. We
hope you and your family will have a warm experience with us as
we worship and fellowship together at our
services, events, and
ministries. We'd also like to invite you to make an online prayer
waiting patiently on the other side of that door, at all times, in all
situations, to join with you. Many blessings to you,

- The Webmaster
A Community Service
From your Chaplaincy
The Chaplaincy Watchdog offer you:
  • Find Offenders
  • offender counts
  • Know the facts
  • Safety Information and tips
  • and services to Business
This site is provided in partnership with Family Watchdog  at no
cost to the taxpayers of this or any other jurisdiction.
The chaplaincy         
A chaplain is a priest, pastor, rabbi, imam, lay representative of
a world view attached to a secular institution such as a hospital,
prison, military unit, police department, university, or private
chapel. Though originally the word "chaplain" referred to
representatives of the Christian faith, it is now applied to men and
women of other religions or philosophical traditions–such as in the
case of the humanist Belgium. In recent years many lay individuals
have received professional training in chaplaincy and are now
appointed as to work alongside or instead of official members of
the clergy. The concept of 'generic' and/or 'multifaith' chaplaincy
is also gaining increasing support, particularly within
healthcare and educational settings.
A chapel is a religious place of fellowship, prayer and worship
most often associated with interfaith worship services. It may be
part of a larger structure or complex, such as a church, synagogue,
college, hospital, palace, prison or funeral home, located on board
a military or commercial ship, or it may be an entirely free-standing
building, sometimes with its own grounds. The chapel is under the
leadership of  a chaplain. Our chapel denoted a place of worship
that is at a location that is not the responsibility of  any other faith,
church, parish excepted  the members of EMMI. We have a
non-denominational chapel who is an inter-faith chapel who was
consecrated by our bishop.
Spiritual Services
  1. Baptism                                
  2. Eucharist
  3. Matrimony
  4. Funerals
  5. Ordination
  6. Blesing
  7. Prayer
  8. Worship    
Worship Services:

    09:00 Sundays throughout the year.

You can click
here for the monthly programs
We invite you to join us for positive change in every area of
your life, we are practicing the presence of God through prayer
and meditation through a connection with Christ. Our community
call is to let the light to glow so that together we can express
the wholeness and abundance of God in our everyday living
You may post your prayer request here, where it will be available
to other visitors as well as our pastoral staff on Yahoo Group. You
may also use this area to tell us about answers to prayers you
have received.

Public posting. Respect the privacy of others. Do not include last
postings appropriate for your prayer requests, or any other
information that would make the person identifiable. If you prefer,
names in Please be considerate of others by keeping your to the
pastorprivate prayer message .
For a prayer  request click here

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Street & Community Chaplain
Street Outreach Workers role is to mild down suffering locally and
referring people in need to appropriated organisms

  • Substance Abuse Organisms
  • Women Shelters
  • Mental Illness Resources
  • Children
  • Food & Clothing
  • AIDS & other sexual transmission diseases / Safe sex
  • G.L.B.T.
  • Spiritual Support
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Spiritual Abuse
  • Illness
Aider à accomplir dans le monde l’œuvre du Christ. Nous sommes Libéral
Chrétien, les membres sont libres en matière de croyance. Notre but est de
combiner la forme protestant du culte, ses rituels avec la plus large mesure
de liberté intellectuelle et de respect pour la conscience individuelle.
Les Ministères Eric Michel  Communauté Chrétienne Libre
qui  permet :
  • L’usage de la langue local pour les célébrations spirituelles.
  • l’accès au sacerdoce des prêtres mariés et le mariage des prêtres aux femmes
  • l’accès au sacerdoce avec les mêmes pouvoirs et prérogatives que les hommes.
  • la dissolution d'un mariage religieux suite à un divorce civil et la possibilité de se
    remarier religieusement.
  • Encourage l'utilisation du préservatif. Il n'y a pas péché à se protéger et/ou à
    protéger son ou sa partenaire de toutes éventuelles M.T.S.
  • L'avortement, nous considérons avec compassion toutes les situations humaines.

Notre culte est basé sur la foi chrétienne libéral Unitarienne et Progressive Baptist
Notre nom officiel et juridique de la corporation est:
Les Ministères Eric Michel International
Afin d'élever le niveau religieux, spirituel et moral, et voué en particulier aux  
enseignements.  Les ministères Eric Michel International connu sous son appellation
anglaise «Eric Michel Ministries International» a été fonder à Ottawa par le
Rev. Eric M. Gagnon le
5 août 2010.

Le but de cette aumônerie est de servir la communauté. Nous sommes Chrétiens
Unitariens et l'aumônerie est a caractère religieux et sacerdotal. Aujourd'hui cet
idéal primitif de partage se poursuit avec des actions de solidarité envers les plus
pauvres et les plus fragiles et s'occupent des activités de développement

Comme organisme charitable nous nous attarderons pas a ce que nos interventions
soient limités qu'aux personnes. L’aumônerie en plus d'aider les gens et les diriger
vers les ressources autorisés, a un volet animaux d’où le nom de «Pet Chaplain»
aumônier pour les animaux.

Les chapelains (aumôniers) portent l'aube blanche et ceinture nouée blanche dans
les ceremonies religieuses et un uniforme et un badge pour le travail en communauté.

Les ministères d'Eric Michel sont:

  1. Le ministère de l’aumônerie communautaire et du  groupe Harmonie
  2. Le ministère des Services Spirituels
  3. Le ministère de Recherche, théologie et enseignement
  4. Le ministère Nouvelle Espoire et Missions
  5. le Ministère Laïque
L'HARMONIE  «Harmony»
Notre but est de promouvoir la compréhension mutuelle entre personnes de
différentes convictions religieuses et à renforcer le respect entre les gens comme
frères humains. Afin de promouvoir la foi et la compréhension inter et
multiconfessionnel. Pour fournir des informations et des ressources sur les religions
Afin d'encourager tous les gens de foi à collaborer en obtenant s'inscrivent dans
notre programmes. Pour coopérer avec d'autres agences et organisations pour
promouvoir le bien-être.

Ministère de recherche, de theologie et de l'enseignement sur les sciences
& religions (RTTM)

L’aumônerie est un centre de formation et de direction pour les
cette doctrine, Jésus est un homme

Le courant chrétien unitarien tire son origine des courants du libre examin prénicéens
strictement monothéistes dont le plus connu est l'arianisme lors des débats tenus au
cours des conciles christologiques du ive siècle. L
a distinction doit être faite entre un
unitarisme dit biblique et l'unitarisme-universaliste
. Pour des unitariens-universalistes
on ne doit pas définir l'unitarisme comme une doctrine exclusivement chrétienne et
antitrinitariste. Cela présupposerait que le trinitarisme est la doctrine étalon face à
laquelle toutes autres se mesurent. Ce serait oublier que la question du Dieu unique
est posée par les trois religions abrahamiques et que l'islam et le judaïsme y
répondent par l'unitarisme (Dieu est un mais aussi unique). L'unitarisme biblique, en
ce qui le concerne, a une approche plus fondamentaliste de la Bible. L'unitarisme ne
doit pas être confondu avec les Églises Uniates ou encore les Églises Unies.

Des principes de foi
Contrairement aux christologie chrétiennes dominante, celles, par exemple, des
Églises catholique, orthodoxes ou issues de la Reform, les Unitariens historiques ne
reconnaissent pas la Trinité. À ceci  pour certains change la foi en la raison humaine.
Ceux-ci appliquent les vertus chrétiennes de foi, de charité, et l'espérance, celle de
liberté, de raison et de tolérance. Le rôle de la Bible comme source de révélation,
mais libre d'interprétation, existe toujours dans l'unitarisme historique. À côté de ces
chrétiens unitariens, très présents en Roumanie et en Hongrie, un courant unitarien
universaliste s'attache à développer des espaces de partage, dans lesquels la
référence à la Bible n'est ni obligatoire, ni nécessaire. Les participants aux
assemblées unitariennes peuvent provenir de diverses voies spirituelles, ou ne
s'inscrire dans aucune tradition religieuse, chacun restant libre de sa recherche et de
sa voie.
Célébrations et nos services spirituels (sacrements)
La naissance ou l’adoption, le mariage et les décès marquent des jalons de la vie que
l’ être humain désire souvent souligner d’ une célébration. Les Ministères Eric Michel
reconnaît cinq célébrations religieuses fondamentales, énumérés comme suit:

  1. Le Baptême
  2. L'Eucharistie
  3. Le Mariage
  4. Les Funérailles
  5. L’Ordre
  6. Prières
  7. Bénédictions
  8. Célébration du culte
L’office du dimanche
Les membres de la communauté se réunissent  pour une célébration qui,
rejoindre les événements de l'heure. Cette congregation n’est pas régi par des
lois rigoureuses.

Vous pouvez cliquer
ici pour connaître le programme du mois.
La prière
La prière à la puissance illimitée de l'univers est encore renforcée lorsque les
prières sont partagée et rejoint par d'autres personnes.

Vous pouvez poster votre demande de prière
ici, où il sera disponible pour d'autres
visiteurs ainsi que notre personnel pastoral sur le groupe Yahoo. Vous pouvez
également utiliser cette zone à nous dire à propos de la réponse aux prières que
vous avez reçu.

Appropriés pour le public affichage. Respecter la vie privée des autres. Ne pas
inclure les noms de famille dans vos prières demandes, ou toute autre information
qui rendrait la personne identifiable. privé à la prière du pasteur.
  • Relaxez-vous
  • Choisissez une bonne posture
  • Concentrez-vous sur votre requête
Le méditant se repose confortablement et silencieusement centrant l'attention sur un
objet ou un processus
Pour une demande de prière clic ici

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Aumônier de rue et communautaire en travail de milieu pour le mieux-
être des individus seuls, en familles ou en groupes et de leur(s) offrir
écoute, aide et référence

  • Offrir une aide informel et préventive dans le milieu de personnes     
    a risques et/ou dans le besoin
  • Favoriser la prise en charge pour devenir autonome
  • Favoriser la concertation avec les différents organismes du milieu    
    et accompagnement au besoin vers ces ressources
  • Donner de l'information sur différents sujets
  • Apporte un support spirituel non-religieux
  • Personne ressource auprès des groupes en table de concertation
    avec les intervenants de la communauté et participe à l’identification
    des besoins et collabore aux différents programmes d’action
The Harmony Chaplaincy Ministry is a Non-Profit Charity with years of experience specializing in socially responsible volunteer programs worldwide.
Our program focused on social welfare, healthcare, gender issues, and environmental programs. From a local group to the world, Harmony Chaplaincy offers

With our programs like HARMONY,we outreach to mild down suffering locally, regionally, nationally and worldwide.
We encourage and create interaction between people of different religious traditions at the individual level with the aims to create social assistance to anyone in
need. We seek to ensure that individuals and families have access to food, clothing and counseling. We share information about pressing community needs.
We created this site to educate, advocate, initiate, coordinate, and support through task forces and other means, to work for the common good, and to address
human needs and improve the quality of life of the citizens of the world. .Also we are involved in environment protection.

We are an inter faith group that promotes peace trough religious tolerance, freedom and understanding Our Goal recognize, respecting and valuing
our different faiths and beliefs and the practices of our religions. Creating opportunities for interaction and dialogue between our faiths in order to promote
knowledge, understanding and an awareness of the equality of all people. Co-operating to promote racial, cultural and religious harmony and to fight intolerance.
Working together for the common goals of peaceful co-existence, justice for all peoples.

Volunteer opportunities are available at the URI-Harmony Cooperation Circle Chaplain

Partner with us by joining grassroots change-makers around the world who are working every day to bridge inter-religious divisions and address critical
needs in their communities.

We are a  Cooperation Circle, join us for a global forum or make a financial contribution, every action you take strengthens the abilities of grassroots
leaders to negotiate an end to local conflicts, fight environmental degradation, build local economies, empower women, and more. We are all connected.
We pray and preach by our examples and the best way to represent this is by our actions. We are people helping people, locally, nationally and internationally.


By our Chaplaincy, our 1st Ministry With Harmony, the EMMI Harmony working for freedom of religion & belief at a global level
trough URI Circles and  The International Association for Religious Freedom And by supporting other organisation like Cause.com, Charter for Compation
International Association for Religious Freedom.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF) is a charitable organization that works for religious freedom around the world. It was founded in
Boston in 1900 and is the oldest international interfaith group.

IARF has over ninety affiliated groups, spread over twenty countries, with a wide range of faiths represented, including Islam, Christianity, Hinduism,
Sikhism and Shintoism.

In 1972 IARF was granted consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Fund (ECOSOC). It was the catalyst for the formation of
the "Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief" in 1989 which was granted formal status with ECOSOC in 1992.
We are a cooperative interaction between
people of different religious traditions at
the individual level with the aims to create
social assistance to anyone in need.
Chaplains and ministers of religious bodies other than my own.

I shall provide pastoral care and ministry to persons of religious bodies other than my own within my area of responsibility with the same investment of myself as
I give to members of my own religious body. I will work collegiality with chaplains of religious bodies other than my own as together we seek to provide as full a
ministry as possible to our people. I will respect the beliefs and traditions of my colleagues and those to whom I minister. When conducting services of worship
that include persons of other than my religious body, I will draw upon those beliefs, principles, and practices that we have in common and not focus on differences.

I will, if in a supervisory position such as a Senior Chaplain of the EMM, respect the any service or practice that would be in violation of the faith practices of their
particular religious body.

I will seek to support all colleagues in ministry by building constructive relationships wherever I serve, both with the staff where I work and with colleagues
throughout the chaplaincy environment.

I will maintain a disciplined ministry in such ways as keeping hours of prayer and devotion, endeavouring to maintain wholesome family relationships and regularly
engaging in educational and recreational activities for professional and personal development.

I will defend my colleagues against unfair discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion or national origin.

I will hold in confidence any privileged communication received by me during the conduct of my ministry. I will not disclose confidential communications in private
or in public.

I will not proselytize from other religious bodies, but I retain the right to present my religious body only to those who are not affiliated.

I will show personal love for God in my life and ministry, as I strive together with my colleagues to preserve the dignity, maintain the discipline and promote the
integrity of the profession to which we have been called.

I recognize the special power afforded me by my ministerial office. I will never use that power in ways that violate the person of another human being, religiously,
emotionally or sexually. I will use my ministerial office only for that which is best for the persons under my ministry.

This code is in usage across almost all Chaplaincy.
Code of Ethics